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The company has GMP certified plant and a strong quality control laboratory. Each day brings increased opportunity to increase business current well as new. We listen and effectively respond. [more]
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To achieve total quality management, the company has a full fledged quality assurance department having latest testing equipment to ensure the purity, efficacy and efficiency of the products manufactured.[more]
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We deal in manufacturing & marketing of Antibiotics , Analgesics , Anabolics , Vitamins etc.  [more]
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Sr. Item Name Brand Name Packing
51. Each Tablet Contains:
Paracetamol 650mg+
DicIofenac Sodium 50mg+
Magnesium Trisilicate 100mg
Dolojack Forte 10x100
52. Each Dispersible Tablet Contains:
DicIofenac Sodium 50mg+
Paracetamol 500mg+
Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg+
Magnesium Trisilicate 100mg
Dispain 20x10
53. Each Tablet Contains:
DicIofenac Sodium 50mg+
Paracetamol 500mg+
Magnesium Trisilicate 100mg.
DicIosin Forte 20x10
54. Each Capsule Contains:
Dextropropoxyphene 32mg+
Paracetamol 350mg+
DicycIomine HcI 10mg
Depromol Spas Spasma Proxyphen 20x10                18x8
55. Each Capsule Contains:
Dextropropoxyphene 32mg+       
Paracetamol 350mg 
Dovinal N       Proxyphen N 10x10            18x8 / 10x100
56. Each Capsule Contains: 
Dextropropoxyphene 65mg+
Paracetamol 400mg
Cap. Dovinal             Cap. Proxymol           Cap. Dextavon             Cap. Pyrevon                 Cap. Depromol 10x10                    18x8                       20x10                 20x10                 20x10
57. Each Tablet Contains:
Dextropropoxyphene 32.5mg+
Paracetamol 400mg
Darvet 10x10
58.  Each Capsule Contains:
Furazolidone 100mg +
Loperamide HcI 2mg

10x10 / 10xl00

59. Each Tablet Contains:
Metronidazole 300mg+
Furazolidone 100mg+
Loperamide 1mg
Dialop-MF 10x10
60. Each Tablet Contains:
Furazolidone 50mg+                 Loperamide 1mg
Diamin 10x5x10
61. Each Tablet Contains: 
Metronidazole 400mg+
Diloxanide Furoate 500mg
Dilomet 10x10
63. Each Tablet Contains:
Diclofenac Na 50mg+                 ParacetamoI 325mg
Fevodec 10x10
64. Each Tablet Contains:
Furazolidone 100mg+
Quiniodochlor 200mg

10x10 / 10x100

65. Each Capsule Contains:
Ferrous Fumarate 250mg+
Folic Acid 1500mcg+                          Vit.B12 10mcg+
Zinc Sulphate 100mg+                             Vit.C 75mg
Ferivon 10x10
66.  Each Capsule Contains: 
Ferrous Fumarate 200mg+                    Vit.C 25mg+                                              Folic Acid 200mcg+                                  Vit.B12 1mcg
Ferovit 10x100
67. Each 15 ml Contains:
Ferric Ammonium Citrate l50mg+
Folic Acid 1mg+                                    Vit.B12 5mcg
Ferovit 200 ml
68. Each Tablet Contains:
Ferrous Fumarate 200mg+
Folic Acid 750mcg+                              Vit.B12 7.5mcg
Ferolic 10x10
69. Each Capsule Contains:
Ferrous Fumarate 200mg+
Folic Acid 1.5mg
Ferfolic 10x10
70. Each Tablet Contains:
Ferrous Sulphate 335mg+                         Folic Acid 0.5mg
  10x10 / 1000
71. Each Tablet Contains:
Vit.B1l0mg+                                               Vit.B2 5mg+                                              Vit.B6 50mg+
Niacinamide 50mg+                                    Calcium Pantothenate 5mg
Geelex Forte 30x10
72. Each Capsule Contains:
Ferrous Fumarate 300mg+
Folic Acid 100mcg+                                     Vit.B12 1mcg
Haemoplus  20x10
73. Each Capsule Contains:
Ferrous Fumarate 304mg+                        Folic Acid 1.5mg+                             Vit.B1210mcg+                                            Elemental Zinc 15mg
Haemosule Z 20x10
74. Each Tablet Contains:
Imipramine 25mg+                         Diazepam 2mg
Imidiaz 2 10x10
75. Each Capsule Contains:
Nimesulide 100mg+
Serratiopeptidase 10mg.
Ikon Plus 10x10
76. . Glucose-D Jackfood 12x100g / 200g
400g, 500g & 1Kg
77. Glucose-C   12xl00g
200g & 500g
78. Each Capsule Contains:
Rifampicin 450mg +                             Isoniazid 300 mg
 Jackcin Plus 10x10
79. Each Tablet Contains:
Rifampicin 150mg+                         Isoniazid 100mg
Jackcin DT 10x10

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